As a part of their continued commitment to helping those in need, Light Masters Diamond Group has donated a limited edition Solasfera Sunburst pendant to be auctioned off at Crossroads Rhode Island’s Endless Summer Beach Ball fundraiser. Crossroads Rhode Island provides comprehensive services and support to thousands of the state’s homeless individuals and families.

The pendant represents the second gift of its kind that Light Masters has made to the Crossroads organization. Additionally, in April 2005, Light Masters donated a similar limited edition pendant to be auctioned off at the Brick Church School in New York City, in support of the school’s financial aid programs.

David So and Light Masters Diamond Group are honored to have these opportunities to give back to their community, and to shine a light on those in need.  

Today Solasfera joins jewelry industry heavyweights Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co, and De Beers on the pages of The New York Times — the most ambitious print advertising campaign to date for Solasfera, which first launched in 2004.

The campaign, which is set to run through January 2007, builds on the successes of previous advertising and marketing initiatives introducing Solasfera to the world. 

Earlier this year, Solasfera turned heads as the debut hit of the Las Vegas JCK, the jewelry industry’s premier trade show. Solasfera made an unforgettable impression among exhibitors and attendees as the lead sponsor of JCK’s 15th Anniversary party.

This holiday season, Solasfera diamonds will sparkle at a soiree hosted by diamond specialist KingsGate to celebrate Solasfera’s spectacular worldwide launch. In true Solasfera fashion, proceeds from the event will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a major funder of breast cancer research and outreach.  

Esteemed New York jeweler David So is delighted to announce the worldwide launch of a diamond unlike any other: Solasfera.

The outcome of years of research and experimentation, Solasfera results from So’s training in optical engineering and light dynamics, combined with a lifelong passion for giving the world its most brilliant and beautiful diamond to date.  

Designed to break through an outdated understanding of the optical properties of polished diamonds, Solasfera represents a marvel of scientific innovation as well as an artistic achievement, bringing a profound understanding of light mechanics to bear on the work of the world’s most skilled diamond cutters.

Solasfera’s beauty extends to diamonds as small as .10ct. — a tremendous feat of engineering, as perfection on this scale was previously unknown. This breakthrough in small-scale diamond design has enabled So to create the magnificent Solasfera Collection, a complete line of jewelry made exclusively with Solasfera diamonds.

The public has already shown their enthusiasm for So’s revolutionary designs. Early beta tests at David S. Diamonds indicated an extremely high conversion rate from generic diamonds to Solasfera.  

Solasfera has already garnered praise from one of the diamond industry’s most revered figures. “You have created something that is truly unbelievable,” says master diamond cutter Hy Kessler, who was responsible for cutting the world’s largest flawless fancy yellow diamond. “This is the future of round diamonds. You have topped them all!”

David So is thrilled to now bring Solasfera to a wider audience.

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About Light Masters Diamond Group: Light Masters Diamond Group, the maker of Solasfera, was founded with a mission to spread beauty and joy by creating the world’s finest natural polished diamonds. Innovation is at the heart of all that Light Masters does; the company is constantly in active pursuit of those revolutionary products and techniques that will delight the most sophisticated consumers of today and tomorrow.