A First Time Buyer

After dating my then-girlfriend for several years, I wanted to take the next step and ask her to become my wife. I was a total diamond novice, though, so I sought the guidance of my good friend Parkson, Parkson had researched diamonds meticulously for his own engagement two years earlier and knew the territory. He sent me to his “diamond guy,” David So.

When I met David, I told him straight away that I wanted the best diamond that money could buy: the brightest, most colorful, and most beautiful. I wanted to see the diamond sparkle from across the room. At the same time, I wanted value for my money. I didn’t want to pay a premium for qualities that only a gemologist would appreciate under a super-powered microscope.

David listened patiently to my needs, and first showed me a selection of his best traditional round-cut diamonds. Then he suggested that if I was really after the most brilliant diamond available, I should consider a Solasfera. As soon as I saw it, I was captivated by its dazzling brilliance and design. Visually, there was no comparison to the traditional diamonds. But as a facts and numbers guy, I wanted proof of the diamond’s superior brilliance. David had the tools to confirm what I already could see — that Solasfera outperformed all the other options.   

Months after I purchased my Solasfera, I introduced my fiancée to David. He was genuinely pleased to hear about how much she loved her diamond and how all of her friends admired it. Since then, I’ve recommended Solasfera to any one who asks, including my good friend Ryan.  A large Solasfera is now being specially cut for him. I look forward to seeing it shining on his fiancée’s hand.