Only those diamonds that conform to Light Masters’ exacting standards earn the right to be classed as Solasfera diamonds. The Solasfera mark, laser-inscribed in each of our diamonds, signifies its state of the art design, top-flight craftsmanship, and strict compliance with non-conflict principles. The Solasfera mark represents Light Masters’ promise of excellence to its customers.


Each purchase of a Solasfera diamond is accompanied by third party expert reports confirming Solasfera’s excellence. These include a gemological diamond grading report from GIA or IGI, a light performance analysis report from GemEx, and a summary certificate that captures the traditional "4C" grading requirements (such as color and carat weight), proportion measurements (such as crown angles and pavilion depths), and other empirical measurements of the diamond. Each Solasfera diamond is GIA-verified to be 100 percent natural, non-synthetic and non-treated.