Optical Symmetry Viewer

The Optical Symmetry Viewer (also known as a Hearts & Arrows viewer) is another tool for evaluating a diamond’s optical quality and craftsmanship. The viewer uses a reflective film to indicate optimal topographical facet placement, which allows the sharpest and highest contrast light to be released by the diamond. The more focused the light, the further it can travel across a room.

The Optical Symmetry Viewer allows you to evaluate the care and precision with which a diamond was crafted.

A perfectly cut round diamond will show a kaleidoscope pattern of hearts (viewed from the bottom) and arrows (viewed from the top). A perfectly crafted princess cut diamond will display a tidy pattern of chevrons (viewed from the bottom) and arrows (viewed from the top).

When viewed from above, a Solasfera round diamond’s patented design displays the “Sola Star” pattern of 10 crisply rendered arrows.  This pattern is one of several stringent optical quality requirements that earns a diamond the Solasfera mark, and indicates its exceptional artistry.